Blood circulates through the entire body every 60 to 90 seconds and replenishes every 120 days. It goes to the eyes, to the heart, to the brain and to the stomach. One drop of blood (from a painless prick of the finger) viewed under a high-resolution microscope has therefore traveled throughout your entire body.

The main goal for CMA is to reveal and record images to interpret shapes and patterns to determine variance from a state of good health. In this regard microscopy has made it possible to study cell chemistry and assess the blood’s bio-terrain (Morphology).  By observing the impact of these morphological findings, the physicians at this office may better design a treatment protocol specifically for the individual patient.  Further, most importantly the factors found to be the source of these problems. Microscopy is intended to help reveal factors such as levels of bacteria, inflammation, fungus, parasites, toxic metals, pH acid causing cellular damage, oxygen and electrolyte depletion, Uric acid levels, dehydration and much more.