“Working as a Firefighter in Los Angeles has given me my share of injuries. From tailbone injuries, to back injuries, to torn ligaments, I have experienced it all. Dr. Wooley has assembled a tremendously competent team that has earned the trust of my fellow firefighters, my family and me.”
Craig Mittry, Los Angeles City Fire Captain

“Training in the sport of Judo is very strenuous on the joints and skeletal system.  During my peak training and competition years, I was very lucky to have Dr. Jim Wooley as my coach and doctor. He was there with me at my World and Olympic Competitions and kept me in peak health and fitness so that I was able to medal in both the Moscow World Championships and the LA Olympics.” 
Bob Berland, 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo

“While training for the LA Olympics in the High Bar, I took a number of very bad falls. The injuries to my head and neck caused me chronic pain and muscles spasms. I met Dr. Wooley at a 1984 Olympic Event and asked him to help me. He began treating my neck and shoulders.  I received great relief from my pain and muscles spasms from his treatment.”
Dallas Bixler, Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medal

“During my sports training and competition. The level of intensity of this level of competition caused a great deal of strain on my muscles and joints. I had chronic pain and discomfort that Dr. Wooley was able to diagnosis and treat affectively. I really appreciate his assistance in helping me regain my health."
Peter Meringer, Professional Football Player and Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist

“A number of years ago I began having various spinal and joint pain. A friend referred me to Dr. James Wooley in Irvine for these complaints.  He skillfully diagnosed my spinal condition and began treating my various complaints. Along the way various orthopedic complaints would arise that Dr. Wooley believed would best be treated with prolotherapy. He referred me to Dr. Eek for this treatment and the results were amazing. I believe that the combination of Chiropractic and Prolotherapy is the most effective method for the conservative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.”
Jeff Thomas, Former Mayor of Tustin California

“Dr. Jim Wooley has distinguished himself, with great skill, and a keen enthusiasm for advancing knowledge about the mechanics of the spine. His work has yielded excellent results in many patients, and has brought to light the relationship between spinal alignment and the affects of abnormal dural tension on the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. He has brought this important spinal condition into sharp focus for many of us practicing manual and injection techniques of the spine.”
Tom Dorman M.D., International Author and Lecturer on Orthopedic Medicine

“One of my mentors in the sport of Olympic Judo is Dr. Jim Wooley. He successfully competed in several World and Olympic competitions and I was lucky enough to have Dr. Wooley in my corner as my doctor and coach. Through his skill in medicine and his understanding of judo training, he provided me with treatment and coaching so that I was lucky enough to be the first Men’s Judo World Champion for the Olympic Sport of Judo.”
Michael Swain, Olympic Medalist and World Judo Champion

“I was referred to Dr. James Wooley back in 1979 while competing on a National and World level in a Powerlifting. I am to this day still a patient of Dr. Wooley. I had very few injuries while training and competing in these sports because of Dr. Wooley being able to keep my body in peak alignment. My serious injuries came from my job in law enforcement. Most of my injuries, neck, mid-back, lower back, shoulder, tailbone, elbows and wrists were resulted in tendon and ligament laxity. These types of injuries are non-operable. With Dr. Wooley and his team and the foresight to use prolotherapy, they helped get me back to work and keep me working an extra fifteen years. Without Dr. Wooley’s cutting edge treatments, I would have had to retired at a very early age. Unfortunately I did end up retiring from law enforcement earlier than I intended due additional on the job injuries. If it was not for Dr. Wooley and his team, my retirement would be very dismal.”
Ted Mossbarger, Retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, World and National Powerlifting Champion, Body Building and Martial Arts.